All great adventures have a beginning.

Ours started scooping cones to suntanned beachgoers in 1981.  It quickly turned into a full blown obsession;  to craft the finest handmade ice cream.

Nowadays we’re one of Australia’s longest running boutique ice cream makers, but not much as changed. We still start before dawn on shore at Hobsons Bay with the days first churn.

Our ice cream is made from scratch, true to artisan tradition from fresh whole Victorian dairy and to our own original recipes.

We carefully select fine local ingredients and use ripened seasonal fruits for vegan sorbets.

Most of our flavours are gluten free, egg free and kosher certified.

Our style is simple, unmasked and bare of overdone add-ons, so the essence of each flavour can be savoured.

We take our time, slow down our process and let each small batch fully age.

We hope you love every scoop.